41 year old female. COVID-19 positive. SOB • Xray of the Week

41 yo female COVID-19 positive with LLE edema and Shortness of breath. 

Figure 1. Describe the abnormalities.

Figure 2.

A. Bilateral lower lobe peripheral ground-glass opacities (GGO) with confluent patchy consolidation (blue arrow...

32 F with Vaginal Bleeding • Xray of the Week

Patient at 25 weeks gestational age.

Figure 1. Sagittal transvaginal ultrasound of the cervix.

Figure 2. Sagittal transvaginal ultrasound of the cervix.

A. Gray scale images show the fetal umbilical cord blood vessels (red arrow) across or near the inte...

34 year old male with chest pain and shortness of breath • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. 34 year old male with chest pain and shortness of breath.

Figure 2. A and B: Axial and coronal CT with cardiomegaly due to markedly dilated heart. Right pleural effusion (blue arrow). Low EF with contr...

History of arrhythmias • Xray of the Week

What is the diagnosis?

Figure 1. What is the important finding seen on these CT images?

Figure 1A: Axial CT image of abdomen with hyperdense liver
Figure 1B: Zoomed-in axial CT image of liver- note the ROI is 154 HU
Figure 1C: Zoomed-in axial CT image...

Lung mass. Diagnosis? • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the lung mass?

Figure 2. Pulmonary hamartoma

Figures 2A and 2B: Axial CT chest demonstrating well-demarcated, solitary peripheral, and inhomogeneous pulmonary mass arising from right lower lung lobe (yellow arrows). Note the low attenuatio...

Name the implant and potential complications • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the name of this implant?


Mentoplasty refers to cosmetic chin augmentation that is often used to treat deficient chin projection caused by soft-tissue atrophy and retrusion of the chin (1). Chin retrusio...

What is the significance of this anomaly? • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the significance of this anomaly?

Figure 2. Axial and coronal CT images of the cervical spine along with 3D CT reconstruction demonstrating a right cervical rib. A. Axial CT of the cervical spine detailing a unilateral, rig...

Biventricular Pacemaker Dysfunction • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. Abnormal position of pacemaker.

Figure 2. CXR done 19 days after pacemaker placement. A- Note the retracted right atrial lead (green arrow) and right ventricular lead with shock coil (yellow arrow). The coronary sinus lead is also p...

1 month male old with vomiting • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the important finding on this ultrasound of a 1 month old male? 

Figure 2: Ultrasound of pylorus. A.  Target sign on the short axis view with the thickness measuring 0.60 cm (N<0.30 cm). B. The longitudinal plane shows...

Right eye loss of vision • Xray of the Week

What is the the name of the right globe abnormality?

Figure 1. Phthisis Bulbi on CT and MR Imaging

A. Axial CT scan of the orbits demonstrating the phthisis bulbi with dystrophic calcification (yellow arrow). The globe is small and deformed with enophtha...

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