Lung mass. Diagnosis? • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the lung mass?

Figure 2. Pulmonary hamartoma

Figures 2A and 2B: Axial CT chest demonstrating well-demarcated, solitary peripheral, and inhomogeneous pulmonary mass arising from right lower lung lobe (yellow arrows). Note the low attenuatio...

What is the significance of this anomaly? • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the significance of this anomaly?

Figure 2. Axial and coronal CT images of the cervical spine along with 3D CT reconstruction demonstrating a right cervical rib. A. Axial CT of the cervical spine detailing a unilateral, rig...

Non-functioning pacemaker • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. Abnormal position of pacemaker.

Figure 2. CXR done 19 days after pacemaker placement. A- Note the retracted right atrial lead (green arrow) and right ventricular lead (yellow arrow). The coronary sinus lead is also partially retracted (b...

1 month male old with vomiting • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the important finding on this ultrasound of a 1 month old male? 

Figure 2: Ultrasound of pylorus. A.  Target sign on the short axis view with the thickness measuring 0.60 cm (N<0.30 cm). B. The longitudinal plane shows...

Why is there contrast in the liver? • Xray of the Week

Pt with renal failure and multiple prior hemodialysis catheters resulting in SVC occlusion.

Figure 1.  CT scan of patient with SVC occlusion. What is the enhancing liver lesion?

Figure 2.

A. Axial chest CT showing internal mammary vein (orange...

Skin lesions and kidney masses • Xray of the Week

What is the diagnosis?

Figure 1. What are the important findings seen on these CT images?

Figure 2.

Figure 2A: Axial CT image of abdomen with angiomyolipomas (orange arrows).

Figure 2B: Axial CT image with sclerotic bone lesions (green arrows).


Trauma. Wrist pain. • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the diagnosis?

Figure 2.

A. PA radiograph of lunate dislocation with triangular, “piece of pie” lunate appearance (green arrows), disruption of carpal arcs, increased radiolunate space, and overlap of lunate with other carpals.

B. Lateral r...

Abdominal pain with incidental lung abnormality on CT  • Xray of the Week

No SOB, cough or fever.

Figure 1. CT abdomen and pelvis showing peripherally distributed bibasilar ground-glass opacities (red and blue arrows)


On January 7, 2020, a novel coronavirus was isolated and named as sev...

Gunshot wound right groin 2 weeks ago. Pulsatile thrill • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the important finding on this CT scan and Doppler. 

Figure 2:

A: pseudoaneurysm (red arrow)

B: right external iliac artery (green arrow), right external iliac vein (yellow arrow) Note there is co...

Diabetes and urosepsis. What procedure is indicated? • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. Axial CT image of the abdomen with contrast shows right renal abscess with ring enhancement around the fluid collection.

Figure 2. Axial CT images of the abdomen with contrast highlighting right renal absc...

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