August 7, 2015

This how I do Clario zVision Peer Review:

Above.  Step 1. In "My Reading Queue", click on "Peer Review" (blue arrow), then click on "Peer Review Assigned to Me" (red arrow).

Above. Step 2. Then this list of cases should pop up. Click on the arrow down for places you do not have privileges to remove th...

August 5, 2015

It is possible to speed up loading of Clario so that it doesn’t load the patient view screen each time you open a case. Entering the patient view with each case takes quite a bit of time. If this isn't necessary for each case, turn this functionality off. If you need to enter the patient view screen...

August 4, 2015

Communication notes are used for two purposes:

  • To communicate to operations if there is an issue with the study.

  • To document a communication to the care provider.

There are two different buttons to use for each of these notes:

Use the communication note to indicate a problem with the exam,...

August 3, 2015

Working in Auto-next mode is the most efficient way to use Clario zVision. But what if you are interrupted and need to read a specific case? You don't need to exit auto-next mode if you have someone call about a stat case. Just click on the straight arrow to the left of the patient name in the auto-...

August 2, 2015

If you order cases by "Time Remaining" it will make for a more efficient radiology group. Clario zVision does not always load the oldest case at the top of the list.  Make this change in Clario to ensure you are always reading the oldest case.  

This Clario zVision tip submitted by Tomer, R...

August 1, 2015

In order to efficiently get through the cases, you need to work in auto-next mode. But, what if a case that needs to be assigned to someone else pops up? Here is a great hack from Sara Larsen at Clario Medical on how to re-assign it. It will require a few steps for now, but Clario is working to make...

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