November 25, 2017

Hematemesis and severe abdominal pain • Xray of the Week 2016 

A 33 year old female with chronic renal failure and kidney transplant presented to the Emergency Department with severe abdominal pain and hematemesis. What is the diagnosis?  

Figure 1. Axial (A) and coronal (B) n...

October 7, 2017

Developing architectural distortion in 68F • Xray of the Week 2017 • Week #42

This 68-year old woman was treated for an 8 mm tubular cancer in her left breast at age 48. She is asymptomatic but was called back from screening for assessment of an architectural distortion in the upper portion...

September 29, 2017

Thyroid Nodule • Xray of the Week 2017 • Week #40

What is the TI-RADS Score of this nodule? What would you do next?

Figure 1: Thyroid Ultrasound. TI-RADS Scoring

Here is how I scored it:

Composition: Solid or almost completely solid - 2 points

Echogenicity: Hypoechoic - 2 points

Shape: Taller-than-wide...

September 28, 2017

Bilateral Upper Extremity Defects • Xray of the Week

A one-day old infant presents with bilateral upper extremity defects.  What is the diagnosis?  

Figure 1. Right and left hand radiographs of the one-day old infant presenting with bilateral upper extremity defects.

Figure 2. R. The right ha...

Enlarging Left Mandibular Mass • Xray of the Week

A 30 year old female presented with rapidly increasing left mandibular swelling over the last 3 months. What is the diagnosis?  

Figure.1 (A) Plain radiograph of the mandible showing typical soap-bubble lesion on the left side. (B) CT 3D reconstru...

Acute Onset Lateral Foot Pain • Xray of the Week

63 y.o. male presented with 1 hour of aching pain on the lateral aspect of the right midfoot after he felt a pop while climbing stairs. He had no loss of sensation, stiffness, or swelling, but pain limited his range of motion. Initial x-rays of the rig...

The So-Called “Debate” Over Breast Cancer Screening is Not a True Debate

December 11, 2015

Acute Onset Knee Pain • Xray of the Week

A 68 year old female presenting with acute onset knee pain following crush injury of knee. What is the diagnosis?  

Figure 1. Plain radiographs of the knee AP (A), and lateral (B). 

Figure 2. Plain radiographs of the knee AP (A), and lateral (B)....

December 5, 2015

New Left Breast Thickening in 67F • Xray of the Week 2017 • Week #4

This 67 year old asymptomatic woman was called back from mammography screening for assessment of the finding detected on the mammograms of her left breast. In addition, there was a slight palpable thickening in the lateral porti...

First toe pain in a professional football player • Xray of the Week

First toe pain in a 30 y/o professional football player. What is the diagnosis?

Figure 1. Sagittal T1  (A) and "fat sat" (B) images show a tear of the tibial sesamoid phalangeal ligament (red arrow). The tear is a complete tear (grade...

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