41 year old female. COVID-19 positive. SOB • Xray of the Week

41 yo female COVID-19 positive with LLE edema and Shortness of breath. 

Figure 1. Describe the abnormalities.

Figure 2.

A. Bilateral lower lobe peripheral ground-glass opacities (GGO) with confluent patchy consolidation (blue arrow...

Right eye loss of vision • Xray of the Week

What is the the name of the right globe abnormality?

Figure 1. Phthisis Bulbi on CT and MR Imaging

A. Axial CT scan of the orbits demonstrating the phthisis bulbi with dystrophic calcification (yellow arrow). The globe is small and deformed with enophtha...

48 yo male wrist pain following a MVA with persistent pain for one month • Xray of the Week

48 yo male wrist pain following a MVA. The patient's hand was on the horn at time of impact and the steering wheel mounted airbag deployed, contributing to the injury.  Normal wrist xray. Persistent pain...

19 yo M who fell • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. Describe the wrist injury.

Figure 2.

A. Plain radiograph of the wrist demonstrating subtle fracture of the waist of the scaphoid (yellow arrow) and nondisplaced fracture of the scaphoid tubercle (red arrow).

B. Coronal CT scan of the wrist demonstrating the...

29M with right wrist pain and deformity after a motorcycle accident • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. Describe the wrist injury.

Figure 2. Transscaphoid perilunate dislocation. Frontal , lateral, oblique radiographs of the wrist. Red arrow points to scaphoid fracture and yellow arrow points to a normally p...

Fifth finger pain with minor trauma • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. Name the lytic lesion in the fifth proximal phalanx and the complication.

Figure 2. Magnified view of the enchondroma with pathologic fracture. Note the typical ring and arc calcifications within the expansile, well-circumscribed metaphy...

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