1 month male old with vomiting • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the important finding on this ultrasound of a 1 month old male? 

Figure 2: Ultrasound of pylorus. A.  Target sign on the short axis view with the thickness measuring 0.60 cm (N<0.30 cm). B. The longitudinal plane shows...

Skin lesions and kidney masses • Xray of the Week

What is the diagnosis?

Figure 1. What are the important findings seen on these CT images?

Figure 2.

Figure 2A: Axial CT image of abdomen with angiomyolipomas (orange arrows).

Figure 2B: Axial CT image with sclerotic bone lesions (green arrows).


Gunshot wound right groin 2 weeks ago. Pulsatile thrill • Xray of the Week

Figure 1. What is the important finding on this CT scan and Doppler. 

Figure 2:

A: pseudoaneurysm (red arrow)

B: right external iliac artery (green arrow), right external iliac vein (yellow arrow) Note there is co...

Name the finding on bladder ultrasound and related complication • Xray of the Week 

Figure 1. Bladder ultrasound. 

Figure 2. Bladder ultrasound- sagittal image. Note the intra-vesicular ureterocele seen as a cystic dilation of the distal ureter bulging into the bladder. There is al...

January 18, 2020

SOB and Hypotension Following Coronary Artery Rotational Atherectomy • Xray of the Week

This 85 year old female became short of breath, hypotensive, and lethargic shortly after rotational atherectomy of the right coronary artery. The cardiologist was concerned that there may be a retroperitoneal...

November 10, 2018

Transient Left Eye Blindness after Exercise • Xray of the Week 73 year old male with a history of left eye blindness after exercise had a carotid doppler ultrasound

October 7, 2017

Developing architectural distortion in 68F • Xray of the Week 2017 • Week #42

This 68-year old woman was treated for an 8 mm tubular cancer in her left breast at age 48. She is asymptomatic but was called back from screening for assessment of an architectural distortion in the upper portion...

September 29, 2017

Thyroid Nodule • Xray of the Week 2017 • Week #40

What is the TI-RADS Score of this nodule? What would you do next?

Figure 1: Thyroid Ultrasound. TI-RADS Scoring

Here is how I scored it:

Composition: Solid or almost completely solid - 2 points

Echogenicity: Hypoechoic - 2 points

Shape: Taller-than-wide...

December 10, 2015

Let's stop the confusion! There is no Superficial Femoral Vein!

Many ultrasound technologists are using the term "superficial femoral vein" or "SFV" on their images. In addition, radiologists often use this term in reports. To the best of my knowledge, there is actually no such anatomic structure. Th...

Discussion Juvenile papillomatosis is a rare benign proliferative breast process which occurs in women with a mean age of 19-23 and is rare over age 40 [1-6]. On histology the lesion demonstrates papillary epithelial hyperplasia found within the small ducts and lobules [1-9]. Numerous cysts and dila...

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September 3, 2020

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