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Global Radiology CME

About Global Radiology CME

Global Radiology CME caters to the demands of today’s radiologists with cutting edge Radiology Continuing Medical Education experiences in culturally enriching settings. The meetings provide ample opportunity to interface and collaborate with fellow colleagues from around the globe. Our goal is to have a diverse group of attendees to be part of an outstanding educational experience. Primary to that mission is having internationally renowned radiology speakers deliver state of the art education. To enhance the educational component we select exciting, culturally diverse locations. We also recognize that many clinicians wish to supplement their educational experience with some leisure time; therefore, we warmly welcome accompanying family and guests to our extensive programming outside the scientific meeting.

Global Radiology CME is a proud sponsor of free online radiology education. The Global Radiology CME Teaching File is accessed by thousands of healthcare professionals from over 150 countries. We are honored and grateful to several world renowned radiology authors including László Tabár MD, Phillip Tirman MD, and Vikas Shah FRCR who have donated their time and exceptional knowledge to publish educational cases on this forum. If you would like to contribute an interesting case to the Global Radiology Teaching File, click here: Information for Authors.

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