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Global Radiology CME

Global Radiology CME Teaching File

Breast Imaging
MSK Imaging
Body Imaging
Spine Imaging
Interventional Radiology
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We are interested in:
  • an uncommon manifestation of a common disease.

  • a common manifestation of an uncommon disease.

  • a "classic" with good teaching points.

  • something challenging, new, or controversial.

  • health care policy related to radiology.

  • tips on how to use PACS, EMR, speech recognition software.


Ideally we would like to have a few images that show the salient features, then a brief discussion of about 10-20 sentences.


We are extremely grateful for the time and energy our reviewers put into evaluating and improving teaching file cases prior to publication.


Daniel Brunengraber, MD - Cardiac Imaging

Vito Fodera, MD - Neuroradiology

Kevin Rice, MD - Body Imaging and Breast Imaging

Marcelo Spector, MD - Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology

Phillip Tirman, MD - Musculoskeletal Radiology

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