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Comments from Imaging in Dublin 2022

"I highly recommend Global Radiology CME as a way to get outstanding, high quality and current information in multiple radiologic specialties. All the lecturers are masters in their field making it a truly rich experience. I have attended three conferences in a row, Oxford, Prague, and Dublin and cannot wait for the Israel conference in 2023. The participants are from all over the world, and many have attended all the conferences over the years. As an academic and lecturer, myself, I find the information well-presented and understandable, presented at a pace that allows understanding and learning. Aside from this, the hotels are 5*, and the activities that are arranged are fun, and educational.  Natalie and Kevin go out of their way to make everyone feel as if they are part of an extended family. I recommend Global Radiology CME without the slightest reservation."

Dennis K. Bielecki, MD

Senior Lecturer in Imaging Sciences

King's College, London, and

Senior MSK Specialty Radiologist

Department of Diagnostic Imaging

Kings College Hospital, London

Editor-in-Chief, Radiology Online Journal


Member, Royal College of Radiology

Member, European Skeletal Society

Member, British Society of Skeletal Radiology

Comments from Imaging in Prague 2019


I want to thank you for organizing this conference.  I would rate this as the best conference I have ever been to (and I've been to conferences in Hawaii, Iceland, ....).

The food was amazing (too good, too much).  Prague was beautiful.  The Marriott was fantastic. In general, the lectures were spot on and excellent. The highlight was the "magical" evening at the Francouzska Restaurace and the opportunity to watch, and join in, with fellow radiologists "rockin' out".  Loved the band!

Wayne and Agnes R. - USA

Comments from Imaging in England 2018


Anybody ​who wants to get a great education and see the world- join Global Radiology CME.

Russ Norwood, MD USA

This is my second time attending a Global Radiology course. The meeting was fantastic and I met lots of interesting people. I will definitely attend next year!

Jennitha Sarawan, MBBS South Africa

It has been marvelous. The presentations are excellent and I have learned a lot.

David Gudex, MBBS Australia

I came from Greece for this imaging meeting and it was one of the most useful I have ever attended. 

Eleni Vasileiadi, MD Greece

The talks were very interesting and the atmosphere at the conference has been very friendly.

Cathal McCague, MBBS UK

It is well organized and a lot of fun. The lectures were fantastic! The attendees are great and it is an awesome opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world.

Andrea Zynda-Weiss, MD USA

The speakers are very,very good. I have met people from many other countries and found out about their work. 

F. Javier Perez Rivero, MD Spain

The amazing list of World class presenters was astounding. The lecture topics and quality of the presentations was top notch across the board.
Jon Muntz, MD

Read the Raving Reviews about Imaging in Israel 2017:

I have attended over 35 international (non-US) radiology conferences thus far in my professional career.  That has given me considerable experience for comparison.
I was truly impressed with the recent conference you organized in Tel Aviv.  To me the amazing list of World class presenters (for your very first conference) was astounding. The lecture topics and quality of the presentations was top notch across the board. I have never seen "standing ovations" before. Dr. Tabar deserved the accolades. Drs. Resnick, Rofsky, Tirman and Johnson were all terrific.
The venue was perfect. Tel Aviv has much to offer including the beach area, restaurants, shopping. Perfect to complement the lecture series and provide entertainment to spouses.
Special thanks for engaging the local tour operator who provided small group mini bus tours to some of the best sights in Israel. We enjoyed Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Masada and coastal cities.  It's nice being charged the standard tour rates without up charges.
The special evening for the group in Jaffa was a marvelous experience. The band was a delight.  Who knew the extended talents of our lecturers?  Loved it.
All attendees I spoke with uniformly agreed this was a perfect experience. We hope this first effort will be a springboard for many future conferences.  If this meeting was the standard to which you aspire, you will have a loyal following of radiologists worldwide.
Jon Muntz, MD USA

Dear Dr. Kevin Rice,

Thank you very much for such an organised and academic meeting held in the holy land. I enjoyed thoroughly participating the event. I look forward to the next meeting and have a feeling that Global Radiology CME will become one of the leading organisations in academic radiology.

Many kind regards,

Aamir Siddiqi, MD

Consultant and Residency Program Director

Department of Radiology, Holbaek Hospital

Sjaelland Region, Denmark

Dear Natalie, It was very nice to meet you at the conference. The conference and venue were excellent and I will be certain to recommend it to my colleagues!! I loved the conference - excellent speakers. It was extremely nice to meet people from all over the world - the participants were extremely friendly and interesting. The special dinner was absolutely wonderful - the food, the companionship, and the music. I was a little worried about traveling to Israel, but found the city and countryside to be much safer than the major cities in the US.

Again, Well done!

Susan P, MD USA

Hi Kevin, Just wanted to thank you and Natalie again for an amazing congress. It was a privilege to attend. 

And to be in Israel ...., beyond words.

David M, MBBS South Africa

It was great to meet you and the other speakers and attendees. The meeting was great and I learned a lot. Hopefully there may be another one in the future. All the best. 

Chris M, MBBS New Zealand

Dear Kevin, It was great to meet you. Thanks to you and Natalie for organizing a fantastic congress and look forward to the next one.

Leon I, MBBS South Africa

Hi Kevin, Wonderful to meet you and Natalie as well as all of the speakers. We ran into Phil in Frankfurt on the way home on Sunday. He said that everyone involved with the conference was overjoyed at the turnout and enthusiasm. I would agree! Great conference, great presentations, beautiful setting and wonderful people. Can’t beat it. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Russ N, MD USA

Many thanks for the enjoyable and informative program. Dr. Resnick and Dr. Johnson's presentations in particular deserve special mention. Great job! Hope to see you back next year!

Nancy B, MD Israel

Hi Kevin, Thanks to you and Natalie for organizing this meeting which I really enjoyed.

Ruben B, MD USA

Thanks for a great program!

Carl A, MD Israel

Hi Kevin,

The conference is really fantastic! 

Matt F, MD Israel

Thank you so much for an outstanding meeting. I hope you have it again next year, as it really was excellent.

Robert K, MD USA

Thank you again for the wonderful conference. It was really amazing and I look forward to the next.

Hadassah L, MD Israel

Thanks so much for organizing this great conference. It allowed so many of us to visit Israel. My family and I had a wonderful wonderful trip and a very moving journey through Jerusalem. I cannot wait to go back. Thanks again and I hope to join future conferences if possible. Warm regards to you and Natalie for your kindness and patience.

Renu B, MD USA

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for great conference!

Dalia A, MD Lithuania

Natalie and Kevin, Congratulations!  The meeting was outstanding – very professional, superb quality and tons of fun!

Neil R, MD USA

Natalie and Kevin: Thank you again for an incredible experience!  We had a wonderful time with you, the conference and the Israel experience.  You could not have done it better!  

Blake J, MD USA

Hi Kevin, I enjoyed the meeting and the social interaction. You and Natalie did a great job. Hope I get to join you in another meeting. 

Donald R, MD USA

The meeting in Tel Aviv was excellent. 

Already waiting for the next, 

Andrej V,  MD Slovenia

Well done! Looking forward to your return next year.

Richard L, MD Israel

Praise from UCLA Faculty:

Dear Dr. Rice:

Your lecture on advanced Radiology provided an excellent comprehensive overview. Your clinical expertise is greatly appreciated by both students and the UCLA faculty. Discussing the diagnostic tests from your clinical practice was from the students' perspective most helpful. Several of the students said they enjoyed the session and valued your discussion with them. We have only one problem - the students requested "more lectures from Dr. Rice".

Accolades from India:

"Dear Dr. Rice, I have been following your posts on LinkedIn. The teaching files you share provide an excellent and precise learning material. They are very useful to me, as I practice radiology in a small town in India."

Dr. Vikram Hegde


Uttara Kannada,

Karnataka, India

Dr. Vikram Hegde
Tribute from Greece:

"Hi Dr. Rice, thanks a lot for the very interesting radiology cases on LinkedIn, I am new radiologist and these cases help me a lot ! Best regards."

Dr. Konstantinos Moutafis
Acclaim from Spain:

"Hi Kevin, thank you for teaching us! Online education is great, keep it going! Kind regards, Iria"

Dr. Iria Osorio Vázquez

Residente de Radiología en Hospital Clínico Universitario de Santiago de Compostela

Ourense, Galicia, Spain

Dr. Iria Osorio Vázquez
Mention from Mexico:

"Thank you for your contribution to continuing education. Best Regards, Luis Gomez"

Dr. Luis Gomez
Radiologia, Medicina Nuclear, Teleradiologia
Monterrey Area, Mexico

Dr. Luis Gomez
Salutations from Serbia:

"Dear Kevin, thank you for good and interesting articles. Thanks for the important and clever teaching lessons. Please continue with those great cases. 
Kind regards, Dusan. "

Dr. Dusan Saponjski
Radiology resident, Center for Radiology and MRI,

Clinical Center of Serbia

Dr. Dusan Saponjski
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