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Pia Sundgren, MD, PhD

Pia Sundgren, MD, PhD

Neuroradiology - Head of Department of Radiology, Lund University, Sweden

Pia Maly Sundgren, MD, PhD, is professor of Diagnostic Radiology and Co-Director for Lund University Bioimaging Centre at Lund University, Lund Sweden. She is the Head of Department of Radiology, Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, Lund, Sweden.

She has published over 200 papers and reviews in peer reviewed scientific journals, edited several books and been guest editor as well as written 22 textbook chapters. She has been main supervisor of several PhD students and Masters students in clinical research. In addition, she has mentored over 20 undergraduate and graduate students in research.

Ongoing research focus on advanced MR imaging of the brain with applications in brain tumors and autoimmune diseases in which she collaborates nationally and internationally. In both these areas, her work is funded by various national funding agencies and foundations.  Her clinical activity includes CT and MRI of the brain and spine in pediatrics and adults.

She was the 2018-2019 president of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Medicine (ISMRM), 2020-2022 President of European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR) and is curently General Secretary of the World Federation of Neuroradiology Societies (WFNRS), past president of ESNR, and Deputy Chair of the European Board of Neuroradiology (EBNR).

She is well recognized faculty at congresses and courses with over 400 invited lectures and workshops.

Prof. Sundgren has been awarded, among others, the 2014 MICHR Michigan Clinical and Translational Research Distinguished Mentor Award, the Minerva Leadership Award from the Medical Faculty of Lund University, the 2018 Nelson Mandela Gold medal for unique contribution to the South African Radiology, South Africa. In 2021 Dr. Sundgren was elected Senior ISMRM Fellow for her crucial contributions in translating new MRI technologies to clinic, with a special focus on brain tumors and autoimmune disease.



Video from ISMRM 2019: Dr. Pia Sundgren on diversity and inclusion

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