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Clario zVision Auto-Next Mode Tips

August 3, 2015


Working in Auto-next mode is the most efficient way to use Clario zVision. But what if you are interrupted and need to read a specific case? You don't need to exit auto-next mode if you have someone call about a stat case. Just click on the straight arrow to the left of the patient name in the auto-next list and it will load that as the next case.

In the above example, I am in auto-next mode. The case with the straight pink arrow pointing right on patient CLA... for Dr. Wang is a case that I clicked on the formerly white arrow to the left of the name. This case will be loaded next, rather than loading the next case on the auto-next worklist. The curved pink arrows are the cases where I clicked the curved white arrow next to the patient names Co... and Ko.... The arrow turned pink after I clicked it, and those cases will be skipped. They are MRI's which I don't read.


What if someone calls for a stat read and you don't see the case on the Auto-next worklist? 

Here is what to do, so you do not have to leave auto-next mode:

As seen on the above screenshot, click the + sign (red circle). This has opened the Quick Search box. Type in (or copy and paste from a Chat) the ACC# or MR# (open red arrow), and press enter on your keyboard.  The case will appear, as in this instance pt GO....  Next, click the pink arrow pointing right (big white closed arrow). Then close the window and it will load to your auto-next list, making it the next case to read.


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