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Vikas Shah, MBBS Body Imaging CME Radiology

"I am committed to the concept of open access radiology education." 

Vikas Shah, MBBS FRCR

Consultant Radiologist at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and Editor at - Leicester, United Kingdom


Vikas Shah, MBBS FRCR is a Consultant Radiologist specializing in gastrointestinal and colorectal imaging at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. Dr. Shah did his Radiology training in London, England at Imperial College Hospitals NHS Trust, and subsequently did subspecialty training in oncologic imaging at Mount Vernon Hospital and in pelvic floor and colonic imaging at St. Mark's Hospital. His main areas of clinical interest are colorectal imaging, including CT colonography, small bowel imaging, including MRI and ultrasound for the assessment of Crohn's disease. Dr. Shah is well known for his work with pelvic floor imaging with endoanal ultrasound and both fluoroscopic and MRI proctography
His expertise in pelvic floor imaging is underlined by his appointment to the Medical Advisory Committee of the Association of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support (APOPS).
Dr. Shah is passionate about teaching, and in particular the use of social media and mobile technology to enhance education. He has also co-authored Radiology Basics: Cross-sectional Imaging a free iBook for medical students. An interactive emergency imaging course is organized by Dr. Shah annually, and he has also been invited to lecture internationally. His commitment to the concept of open access radiology education is exemplified by his work volunteering as an editor with Radiopaedia. In addition to his education roles, Dr. Shah is currently a clinical vice president of the UK Radiology Congress (UKRC), the largest radiology congress in the UK with over 2000 delegates. Due to his his impressive Instagram following (over 31,000 followers) and extensive presence on other social media, Dr. Shah was named one of the Top Ten Higher Education Social Media Superstars of 2017.


The originator of #xrayofthewek, Dr. Shah blogs at

Follow Dr. Shah on Twitter @DrVikasShah

See Dr. Shah's case on the Global Radiology CME Teaching file here.  

Vikas Shah, MBBS, talks about the importance of social media in medical education, particularly how it applies to radiology.

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