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Kevin Rice, MD FACR

Body Imaging - Cape Radiology Group, Los Angeles, USA

Kevin M. Rice received his MD from the University of Manitoba, one of the most prestigious medical schools in Canada. He concurrently did cardiac research, receiving his B.Sc. (Med.) degree in the same year. He continued his studies at the University of British Columbia where he did an internship. After completing a four-year residency in diagnostic radiology at the University of Ottawa, Canada he was subsequently Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology. Dr. Rice won Canada’s highest award for research by a radiology resident. He then went on to do an additional year of sub-specialty training and research in a fellowship awarded to him at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Following his training, Dr. Rice went into private practice in Bakersfield, California with Kern Radiology, at the time one of the largest radiology groups in California where he was on the Executive Board serving as VP Finance and CFO. Due to his expertise with leading edge technology and superb interactions with patients, Dr. Rice was asked to join Renaissance Imaging Medical Associates in Los An. In addition to his responsibilities with RIMA, Dr. Rice served as the award-winning Chair of the Radiology Department of Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles, California with over 90 radiologists on staff from 2011-2019. In 2016, Dr. Rice was elected to the position of Secretary-Treasurer of the Medical Staff and as a board member of the governing Board of Valley Presbyterian Hospital. In 2018 Dr. Rice was elected Chief of the Medical Staff of Valley Presbyterian Hospital. In 2020, Dr. Rice became the Vice Chief of the Medical Staff of Valley Presbyterian Hospital and in 2022 he was elected as Vice Chair of the Radiology Department at VPH. He has made several television and radio appearances and given numerous newspaper interviews as part of his ongoing commitment to public education. As part of public education in radiology, Dr. Rice has a YouTube Channel with descriptions of interesting cases and demonstrations of interventional procedures. Dr. Rice has also been recently featured on the medical imaging app Figure 1 with a live Q&A session as a Figure 1 on 1 Fellow. Dr. Rice's passion for state of the art radiology and teaching includes acting as a guest lecturer at UCLA. In 2015 Dr. Rice co-founded Global Radiology CME, with Natalie Rice to provide innovative radiology education at exciting international destinations, with the world's foremost authorities in their field. Author of the popular "Xray of the Week" teaching series produced on social media and followed in over 150 countries across the globe, Dr. Rice is well known for sharing his broad knowledge and extensive experience as a practicing radiologist. Due to his educational work with Global Radiology CME, Dr. Rice was nominated and became a semifinalist for a "Minnie" for 2016's Most Effective Radiology Educator by in a campaign to recognize the best and brightest teachers in medical imaging. He was once again a semifinalist for a "Minnie" for 2021's Most Effective Radiology Educator by In 2020, Dr. Rice was asked to join the Advocacy Support Board of Radiology Partners and became the Western Division representative for the Board. Dr. Rice is now applying his expertise to serve the Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri regions by remote reading for Cape Radiology Group​ headquartered in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. In 2023 Dr. Rice was elected a Fellow of The American College of Radiology for his exemplary service and dedication to the ACR and his profession. Dr. Rice is a member of the American College of Radiology, Radiological Society of North America, Los Angeles Radiological Society, and California Radiological Society.

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Kevin Rice, MD FACR
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