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  • Kevin M. Rice, MD

Clario zVision • How to Not Enter Patient View

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

It is possible to speed up loading of Clario so that it doesn’t load the patient view screen each time you open a case. Entering the patient view with each case takes quite a bit of time. If this isn't necessary for each case, turn this functionality off. If you need to enter the patient view screen to leave a Clario note, you can do this manually by clicking on the patient name on the worklist. Unfortunately due to a quirk in Clario, going back to seeing the worklist quits Autonext mode, but it’s easy to start it up again. Although it does take time to load, the patient view screen is extremely helpful in identifying comparison exams. So be careful when using this technique as it may result in lack of display of prior cases.

This Clario zVision tip submitted by Tomer, Roth, MD Emergency Radiologist / Neuroradiologist at Renaissance Imaging Medical Associates.

Clario zVision Communication Notes 1

Above: Click name in top right corner.

Clario zVision Communication Notes 2

Above: Click Profile Management.

Clario zVision Communication Notes 2

Above: Note which profile you are on. You will need to change this for each profile you have. To change which profile you are changing, click the dropdown and select another profile.

Clario zVision Communication Notes 2

Above: Click the dropdown menu beside “Enter Patient View”, and uncheck “Launch Viewer”, and “Launch Dictation”. Once finished, click save.

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