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Medical Imaging App Figure 1 Features Dr. Kevin Rice

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

We are pleased to announce Global Radiology CME's Kevin Rice, MD was featured as a Figure 1 on 1 Fellow on April 29, 2016.

Dr. Kevin Rice, a radiologist at Renaissance Imaging Medical Associates and Chair of Radiology at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles, California is one of only 5 radiologists from around the world to be a participant in the Q&A format on the Figure 1 platform. Dr. Rice's posts on Figure 1 have had several hundreds of thousands of views. Dr. Rice "loves posting cases on Fig. 1, as there are so many participants from all over the world. The varied background of everyone also allows for a multitude of perspectives in the discussions."

Here are some of Dr. Rice's answers questions on topics as broad as artificial intelligence, how to explain radiology to patients, and advice to a new resident in interventional radiology.

"I think artificial intelligence and machine learning are in their infancy, and will propel radiology (and medicine in general) forward in the future in ways we can not yet imagine."

"I always explain things in layperson's terms. There is no sense using jargon that patients do not understand. If I am doing an interventional procedure, I often draw a diagram or show the patient a sample implantable device such as an IVC filter, or Port-a-Cath."

"1. Always stay focused on your patients and treat them the same way you would want to be treated.

2. Learn as much as you can while in training - you are only in the formal training program for a short time.

3. Never stop learning - technology and our understanding of disease is constantly and rapidly evolving. "

Medical Imaging App Figure 1 Features Dr. Kevin Rice

With more than 1 million top healthcare professionals on the app and over 1 billion page views, Figure 1 is described as the Instagram for doctors and healthcare professionals. First launched in 2013, the app allows users to share images of their toughest medical cases with other specialists around the world. Beyond seeking diagnoses from other medical professionals, the app is also being used to share interesting cases as a way to spread knowledge of new procedures, techniques or technology.

Dr. Rice serves as the Chair of the Radiology Department of Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles, California and is a radiologist with Renaissance Imaging Medical Associates. Dr. Rice has made several media appearances as part of his ongoing commitment to public education. Dr. Rice's passion for state of the art radiology and teaching includes acting as a guest lecturer at UCLA and writing the popular Xray of the Week for radiology social media. In 2015 Dr. Rice founded Global Radiology CME to provide innovative radiology education at exciting international destinations, with the world's foremost authorities in their field. In 2016, Dr. Rice was nominated and became a semifinalist for a "Minnie" award for the Most Effective Radiology Educator.

Dr. Rice is on Twitter, posting what matters to radiologists @KevinRiceMD

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