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  • Natalie Rice

Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Live Radiology CME Event

As the VP of Global Radiology CME, I am often asked the question, why attend a live radiology conference when there are so many CME options on line? It is often argued that online learning is more convenient and cost efficient. Why pack a suitcase and deal with the stresses of travel to engage in an activity you can do from the convenience and comfort of your home or office?

Parade in Tel Aviv June 2015-Photo by Kevin Rice

Punting on the Cherwell River in Oxford, UK - Photo courtesy of Frank Burke.

1. Get away from your computer.

Most of us spend a tremendous amount of our day in front of the computer. We shop, socialize via social media, study and with the advances of teleradiology, often work, without ever leaving our home or office. While on line learning has revolutionized medical education and plays a critical role in keeping radiologists abreast in a rapidly changing field of medicine, it is a more passive form of study.

Watch this video and hear what people are saying about Global Radiology CME.

2. Meet other radiologists from around the world.

Learning is intensified from the synergy that can only occur from collaborative and interactive educational opportunities, experiences that cannot be achieved when sitting passively in front of a computer. When a group of radiologists from around the globe, meet away from the distractions of their offices, to share their knowledge, discuss advances, address concerns, network and socialize with their colleagues the takeaway is far greater than the number of CME credit hours earned. The radiologist not only comes away from the meeting with gained knowledge and skill sets, but also new colleagues that can offer fresh approaches and different perspectives to address shared goals.

Drs. Johnson, Tirman, Rofsky, and Resnick with attendees at Global Radiology CME Conference in Israel- Photo by Kevin Rice

Drs. Johnson, Tirman, Rofsky, and Resnick with attendees at Global Radiology CME Conference in Israel- Photo by Kevin Rice

3. Interact directly with the faculty.

Live conferences provide opportunities to network with the faculty. Radiologists go back to their practices with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for their profession. The holistic educational experience only achieved through live education accelerates advances in radiology that most importantly benefits the patients, hospitals, and communities served.

Feeding a Kangaroo at Gan Garoo - Photo by Natalie Rice

Oxford Bridge of Sighs and Radcliffe Camera - Photos by Kevin Rice

4. Visit interesting locations.

The next question I am asked, is why should I choose Global Radiology CME, and what sets Global Radiology apart from online conference providers? Our motto is to “Go Global”! Our faculty is comprised of an internationally renowned group of award winning radiologists, that are not only leaders in their area of specialty, but outstanding educators, our conferences attract radiologists from around the globe. During the last 2 years in Oxford and Israel, we have hundreds of radiologists attending from 36 countries! We choose enriching off the beaten path destinations for our meetings and we provide opportunities to network with colleagues in informal settings during social events and tours.

5. Bring your family and friends.

We are also family friendly. We appreciate radiologists often want to combine business with pleasure and we warmly welcome spouses/companions/children to our social programming.

The experience you will have attending a Global Radiology CME conference can not be obtained online! So join us for one of our upcoming conferences in exciting and historic destinations.

Natalie Rice- Global Radiology CME

Natalie B. Rice

Global Radiology CME Vice President of Finance and Operations

Co-Founder of Global Radiology CME, Natalie B. Rice, was born in Winnipeg and graduated from the University of Manitoba majoring in Economics. After completing her economics degree she attended Business School, majoring in accounting. Her work experiences include Dunwoody Accounting Firm, The Conference Board of Canada, and Principal of a Religious School. Having sat on numerous community boards, she is well connected and knows how to see a project to completion. Natalie has planned numerous successful international events throughout Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the USA. Most recently, Natalie spearheaded Global Radiology’s conference in Israel, successfully managing 250 delegates from 20 different countries and overseeing all aspects of the congress including faculty management, venue selection, registration, itinerary and social programming.

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