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Jerusalem Panorama

Start your day in Tel Aviv like the locals, with a brisk walk, or jog along the sun-drenched beachfront promenade. Stop at one of the many juice bars along the way to refresh and sample the local produce. Ready to explore? Why not check out the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art or Museum of the Diaspora. Looking for some unique Israeli artwork? Stroll along the history-soaked streets in Jaffa. Wander into galleries of local and world class artists, like Frank Meisler, often at work in their studios.
Feeling energetic? Explore Tel Aviv by bike. Bike rental stands are conveniently located throughout the city. For added convenience you can pick up the bike at one location and drop off at another. 
Looking for some retail therapy? Enjoy a stroll on Rothchild Blvd and explore the trendy boutiques of local designers.
If all the exploring and shopping is making you hungry, Tel Aviv will not disappoint. Home to world renowned chefs, it is a foodies delight. Choose from the trendy coffee shops and bistros along Dizengoff, and don't be surprised if the people sitting next to you invite you to join them. Looking to unwind? Enjoy a cool drink while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean at one of the many restaurants on the beach. Celebrating a special occasion or looking for a special night out, savor a multi course gourmet dinner by a celebrity chef. But, don't  leave Israel without indulging in Israeli fast food, with a delicious falafel or swarma on pita bread. 
The fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down, Tel Aviv, often referred to as the city that never sleeps will keep you entertained around the clock.  During the summer months you will even find families with small children enjoying a late dinner or ice cream and strolling the streets well past midnight. 
Beautiful beaches, rich in history, cutting edge technology, join us in Tel Aviv and experience it all! 


You may enjoy a taste of Israel in some of the optional sightseeing tours which will be offered to meeting participants and accompanying persons booked by our travel specialist from Diesenhaus-Unitours.

If visiting historic treasures are on your agenda, head to Jerusalem which is about an hour drive from Tel-Aviv. You can spend days exploring the Holy shrines, the last remnant of the Second Temple - the Western Wall, the last path of Jesus - the Via Dolorosa, the site of the tomb of Jesus - the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Shrine of the Book that houses the 2000-year old Dead-Sea Scrolls, or Mount Zion – the site of King David's grave and the Last Supper. Participants can also enjoy a walk through the Ben-Yehuda Pedestrian Mall in the center of the Jerusalem, eat falafel and people watch. Day trips to other important sights such as Masada, the Dead Sea, and Haifa can also be booked by our travel specialist from Diesenhaus-Unitours.

From falafel stands to celebrity chef restaurants there’s something to satisfy every palate. Complete your meal with a glass of red, white or sparkling wine. With over 300 wineries, Israel has quickly earned the reputation as a destination for wine connoisseurs. You can travel the country, visiting the wineries and meeting the wine makers.

Israel is a melting pot.  It is a modern country that combines a rich history with an outstanding tourist infrastructure. Tel-Aviv was named World's Smartest City in 2014, and according to the CEO of Google the tech sector is second only to Silicon Valley. Enjoy soaking up the sun on the warm Mediterranean beaches.  Experience the exciting night life in Tel-Aviv. Remember to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes and go for a hike in one of the beautiful nature reserves. With an abundance of outstanding museums, there is something for everyone. No trip to Israel would be complete without floating in the mineral rich Dead Sea which is the lowest and saltiest spot on earth, or the awe-inspiring experience of venturing to the top of Masada.

Israel is a country steeped in history, blessed with extraordinary beauty, welcoming visitors from every faith and country in the world. From the moment you arrive your senses will be overwhelmed. Ancient sites alongside modern architecture, the aroma of exotic spices and delicious delicacies, shop owners displaying their colorful wares, and people of all ages and religions enjoying a cup of coffee, or going about their daily lives.  You will have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Abraham (4000 years ago), King David (3000 years ago), Jesus (2000 years ago), and the Crusaders (1000 years ago).

Jaffa view to the sea - Radiology International CME
Masada-Herod's palace.

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