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Rofsky, Resnick, Kazerooni, Parizel
Imaging in Israel 2023
Radiology CME in Jerusalem

Imaging in Israel 2023
Radiology CME

Mon. June 5 - Thurs. June 8, 2023

in association with Hadassah Hospital

The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel

21.0 hours AMA PRA Category 1 Credits TM

Welcome Reception and Awards Dinner 

INCLUDED with 3 day registration.

Global Radiology CME in association with Hadassah Hospital Medical Center is excited to announce, Body Imager and Professor and Chair of Mount Sinai's Department of Radiology- Neil Rofsky will serve as Scientific Director for Imaging in Israel. Dr. Rofsky will be joined by the luminaries in Radiology: ​ ACR's 2018 Gold Medalist and world renowned MSK imaging legend- Donald Resnick; Professor of Radiology and Director of Cardiothoracic Imaging, University of Michigan- Ella Kazerooni; The David Hartley Chair of Radiology, University of Western Australia and President of the European Society of Radiology - Paul Parizel; Consultant Head and Neck Neuroradiologist SSMC/Mayo Clinic Abu Dhabi - Salman Qureshi; Professor of Radiology Mayo Clinic Rochester - Peter Kalina and Chief of the Radiology Department at Hadassah - Jacob Sosna, as well as top local experts for cutting edge lectures at The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel. 

Ideally located a short walk from the Old City, the 5 star, luxurious Inbal Hotel, will be the conference venue. Jerusalem, is a city created by a mosaic of cultures and beliefs, where the old and new intertwine. The City of Gold is intense, engaging, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Inbal Hotel Pool
Imaging in Israel 2023 Program

June 4 - Optional Pre Conference Tours

June 5 - Optional Pre Conference Tours

Welcome reception for all registrants at Inbal Hotel 6-8 pm

June 6 - Tue: 7 hrs - MSK CME 

June 7 - Wed: 7 hrs - Neuro CME 

June 8 - Thur: 7 hrs - Body CME 

Awards Dinner for all registrants at King David Hotel

June 9 - 13 Optional Post Tours


Imaging in Israel Faculty

Ella Kazerooni - Chest Imaging

Donald Resnick - MSK Imaging

Neil Rofsky - Body Imaging

Paul Parizel - Neuroradiology

Jacob Sosna - Body Imaging

Salman Qureshi - Head and Neck Imaging

Peter Kalina - Neuroradiology

Kevin Rice - Cardiovascular Imaging

From the moment you arrive in Jerusalem your soul will be ignited. The ancient walls of the Old City, the aroma of exotic spices and delicacies, and shop owners displaying their colorful wares will draw you in, engaging all your senses.  You will have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Abraham (4000 years ago), King David (3000 years ago), Jesus (2000 years ago), Muhammad, (1500 years ago) and the Crusaders (1000 years ago).

You can spend days exploring the Holy shrines, the last remnant of the Second Temple - the Western Wall, the last path of Jesus - the Via Dolorosa, the site of the tomb of Jesus - the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Shrine of the Book that houses the 2000-year old Dead-Sea Scrolls, The Dome of the Rock, Islam's 3rd holiest site, or Mount Zion – the site of King David's grave and the Last Supper. Walk through the Ben-Yehuda Pedestrian Mall in the center of the Jerusalem, eat falafel and people watch.

With celebrity chefs and a plethora of outstanding restaurants, Israel has earned the reputation of a foodies paradise. No meal would be complete without a perfectly paired glass of wine. With over 300 wineries, Israel has is also known a destination for wine connoisseurs

Israel is a melting pot.  It is a modern country that combines a rich history with an outstanding tourist infrastructure. Tel-Aviv was named World's Smartest City in 2014, and according to the CEO of Google the tech sector is second only to Silicon Valley. Enjoy soaking up the sun on the warm Mediterranean beaches.  Experience the exciting night life in Tel-Aviv. Remember to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes and go for a hike in one of the beautiful nature reserves. With an abundance of outstanding museums, there is something for everyone. No trip to Israel would be complete without floating in the mineral rich Dead Sea which is the lowest and saltiest spot on earth, or the awe-inspiring experience of venturing to the top of Masada.  Take a stroll through the Muslim Quarter of the old city and immerse yourself in the traditional architecture, exotic tastes, and sweet aromas emanating in the the abundant ancient markets. 

Join Global Radiology in June 2023 and find out for yourself why going to Israel is often referred to as a vacation "Beyond Belief"!

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Donald Resnick Discussing MSK MRI at Imaging in Prague 2019

Donald Resnick

Discussing MSK MRI at Imaging in Prague

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