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E-Poster Information for Imaging in Israel 2023

We encourage registrants to submit multimedia electronic posters for the Imaging in Israel 2023 congress. The multimedia E-Posters will be presented in the Exhibition Hall at Lunch and/or Coffee Break. Topics may include new research, case reports, review of a specific disease, imaging protocol, or other radiology topic.  The submissions will be presented on your own computer and they may be in the format of your choice such as PowerPoint, PDF, or Keynote. You must submit the file in advance for acceptance to the meeting. We encourage early submissions. The scientific committee will be meeting regularly and you can expect a response within 21 days of submission. The decisions made by the E-Poster scientific committee shall be final. See a Sample E-Poster here.

Deadline for submission is April 15, 2023. Once accepted, you will be informed of your time slot and location assignment. Please be at your assigned station for the time slot specified in order to be available for discussion of the E-Poster. Presentations will be produced for the web after the conference. The authors of original work grant first publication rights to Global Radiology CME, but retain ownership of the copyright of their content. By submitting the presentation you agree to our legal terms here: Legal Terms for Poster Submission​

** Please do not email presentations.**
**Submit files online with the form below.**

Slide Design Guidelines

  • Maximum of 12 slides.

  • The first slide should show the title, authors, email address, and institutional affiliation.

  • The presentation should include objectives, methods, results, and conclusions.

  • Two or more simple slides are better than one complicated slide.

  • Rule of thumb: seven lines per slide and seven words per line.

  • Adjust the images to be seen in a well-lit room.

  • Remove patient identifiers such as names and medical record numbers.

  • Avoid commercial reference unless absolutely necessary. 

  • Do not include hyperlinks or audio.

  • Do not use material copyrighted by others.

  • Deadline for submission is April 15, 2023.

Sample E-Poster

Sample E Poster
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