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  • Natalie Rice

Josef Vymazal - Prominent Czech Radiologist Joins Global Radiology's World Renowned Faculty for

Paul M. Parizel, MD

Representatives from Global Radiology CME visited Prague the week of September 24, 2018 to work on the final preparations for Imaging in Prague 2019. We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Josef Vymazal, Head, Department of Radiology at Na Homolce Hospital, Full Professor at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic to our faculty. Dr. Vymazal is a neuroradiologist who trained in the USA at the NIH. He is also a practicing neurologist and the director of Na Homolce Hospital in Prague, a neurology and cardiac specialty center. In 2014-2016, Dr. Vymazal served as Deputy Minister of Health for the Czech Republic, and is currently an Adviser to Minister of Health in the Czech Republic.

Dr. Vymazal will join our prestigious team that includes, Dr. Donald Resnick, MSK expert, and 2018 recipient of the ACR Gold Medal, Dr. Phillip Tirman, MSK expert, a 2018 Aunt Minnie semifinalist, in the category of most Effective Radiology Educator, Dr. Blake Johnson, highly sought Neuroradiologist lecturer, and Medical Director and Director of Neuroimaging at Center for Diagnostic Imaging, Dr. Neil Rofsky, world renowned body imager, past president SCBTMR, and currently, Professor and Chair of Radiology and the Effie and Wofford Cain Distinguished Chair in Diagnostic Imaging of University of Texas Southwestern. We are also honored to be adding Dr. Paul Parizel, Past President of the ESR and Chairman of the Department of Radiology at the Antwerp University Hospital, and tenured Professor of Radiology, University of Antwerp, Belgium as well as Dr. Nicole Hindman, Associate Professor - Departments of Radiology and Surgery and Director, Female Pelvic Imaging at New York University.

We welcome you to join Radiologists from around the world to experience academic excellence and networking and social opportunities the city renowned as the Architectural Jewel of World, rich in history, with a vibrant energy!

Natalie Rice, Kevin Rice, Josef Vymazal in Prague

Natalie Rice, Kevin Rice, and Josef Vymazal in Prague

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