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Global Radiology Award Winners for Imaging in Prague 2019

Global Radiology CME is pleased to congratulate the Award Winners for Best E-Posters and The Donald Resnick MSK Quiz at Imaging in Prague 2019. Awards were presented at The Gala Dinner at the Prague Municipal House on June 10, 2019.

Victor Teng and Blake Johnson iip2019 Neuro E-Poster Award

Victor Teng - Flexion MRI in Hirayama Disease

Dr. Teng is a radiologist at National University Health System Singapore. He was presented with the Award by Dr. Blake Johnson, Co-Scientific Director and Neuroradiology Faculty for Imaging in Prague 2019.

Jiri Ferda, MD

Grace Rubin - Breast Tuberculosis - A review of 62 cases

Dr. Rubin is Clinical Head of Radiology, at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg, a University of Witwatersrand affiliated academic hospital. She was presented with the Award by Dr. Neil Rofsky, Body Imaging Faculty at Imaging in Prague 2019.

Junsiyuan Li and Phillip Tirman iip2019 MSK E-Poster Award

Junsiyuan Li - Fibrolipomatous Hamartoma of the Median Nerve - Review of a Case

Dr. Li is a senior radiology resident at Singapore General Hospital, SingHealth. He was presented with the Award by Dr. Phillip Tirman, Co -Scientific Director and MSK Imaging Faculty at Imaging in Prague 2019.

Andrew Kingzett Taylor and Donald Resnick iip2019 MSK Quiz Award

​The winner of the Don Resnick MSK Quiz is Andrew Kingzett Taylor from New Zealand. Dr. Kingzett Taylor is a MSK radiologist at Pacific Radiology (Wellington & Manawatu) He was a visiting fellow to the MSK Section at the UCSF and San Francisco MRI Centre. He was presented with the Award by Dr. Donald Resnick, ACR Gold Medalist and a distinguished MSK Imaging faculty member of Global Radiology.

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