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Imaging in Israel Chagall Windows at Hadassah Hospital Jerusalem


László Tabár, MD legendary Mammography expert
Imaging in Israel Faculty

"Early detection of breast cancer saves lives, one of the great accomplishments of cancer research during the past forty years." 

László Tabár, MD, FACR (Hon)

Professor Emeritus of Radiology

Uppsala University, Faculty of Medicine, Sweden

Medical Director Emeritus

Department of Mammography, Falun Central Hospital, Sweden


Dr. László Tabár is a visionary physician, researcher, and educator who has contributed significantly in the worldwide fight against breast cancer. In a career spanning over 40 years, he has worked tirelessly to reduce or eliminate suffering and death from the disease. Through his company, Mammography Education, Inc, he has also been the course director and principal lecturer of more than 300 mammography courses on 6 continents.

As a clinician, he has applied his expertise to the interpretation of well over one million mammograms. His pioneering research has laid the foundation for early detection through modern mammographic screening. A consummate educator, Dr. Tabár is responsible for the mentoring of tens of thousands of breast imagers, surgeons and pathologists worldwide. His influence is felt on every continent and there can be no doubt that his work as researcher and educator has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of women.

Dr. Tabár is the recipient of numerous awards including the Terry Fox Award from the British Columbia Medical Association for contributions to cancer research, the Gold Medal from the Society of Breast Imaging, American Cancer Society's Distinguished Service Award, the IMPACT Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Fight Against Breast Cancer by the National Consortium of Breast Care Centers, the Pathfinder Award by the American Society of Breast Disease, and the first Alexander Margulis Award for Scientific Excellence from the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in 2012.

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