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Grace Rubin Co-Authors Paper First Seen at Global Radiology CME Congress in Prague

Global Radiology wishes to congratulate Dr. Grace Rubin on the publication of the paper: Imaging and clinical features of breast tuberculosis: a review series of 62 cases in Clinical Radiology. Dr. Rubin first presented her E-Poster for the paper at Global Radiology's Imaging in Prague 2019 congress and was awarded Best Poster in the category of Body Imaging.

Dr. Rubin and her team at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg (University of Witwatersrand) performed a retrospective analysis of data from three academic teaching hospitals. Data was from pathologic sampling of all breast biopsies on patients over an 18-month period. Their research demonstrated the varied clinical and radiological features of breast tuberculosis. They concluded that there should be a high index of suspicion for TB in any young HIV positive woman with unilateral breast abnormalities which especially include: abscess, lymphadenopathy, and diffuse edema or skin thickening(1). They also state that core needle biopsy is preferred over fine-needle aspiration as it yields a better tissue sample and better yield for diagnostic purposes. The work is based on the masters thesis of lead author of the paper, Dr. Denny Matthew.

Dr. Rubin is Clinical Head of Radiology, at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg, a University of Witwatersrand affiliated academic hospital. She was presented with the Award by Dr. Neil Rofsky, Body Imaging Faculty at Imaging in Prague 2019.

Grace Rubin - Breast Tuberculosis - A review of 62 cases. E-Poster presented at Global Radiology's Imaging in Prague 2019 congress.


1. Mathew D, Rubin G, Mahomeda N, Rayne S. Imaging and clinical features of breast tuberculosis: a review series of 62 cases. Clinical Radiology. Article in Press. Accepted 10 March 2020. Published online. DOI:

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